About Us

About Us

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BAIDELI Leather,established in 1995, is one of the world's largest, individually manufacturer of fine synthetic leather. Our company has been operating in the production and marketing sector of synthetic leathers, materials coated in PVC (polyvinyl chloride) and PU(polyurethane) .

Servicing multiple industries including:
Bags Material
Footwear Upper
Upholstery Fabrics
Automotive & Marine Interiors
Furniture & Sofa Covers


Request of leather product including:

- Leather looks and handles - UV Against
- Flame Retardant - Weather Resistance
- Scrape Against - Water Proof
- Mildew Resistant - Cold Resistant


BAIDELI's headquarters are located in wenzhou, as one big professional International Trading Corp with our own leather factory, BAIDELI Industry Company works closely with ZHEJIANG BAIDELI LEATHER CO.,LTD. during every stage of production to uphold the highest quality standards, where all orders are shipped from our owner factory in Shangyu,China.


All our products are manufactured thanks to the application of new materials selected from those available from the market leaders. Constant and strict checks moreover, guarantee the total quality of every product.


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